How to solve jigsaw quickly

Published 12.30.2023 by Chris

How to solve jigsaw quickly

Is solving jigsaw puzzle makes you irritated? Or you would like speedup your time? Learn new techniques and solve jigsaw faster then before.

Everything start from proper sorting

After opening new jigsaw we are standing in front of hundrets or thousends different pieces which need to be connected to create final image. Most people start solving it looking for pieces being edge of the image or flipping pieces on the side with the image. Why not use this time to define strategy and try more or less classified similar elements. Proper sorting will help you later with looking for single piece in big pile of left elements, avoid frustration, but also will make solving jigsaw more enjoable.

What I need to admit... As sorting save a lot of time later, doing that at the beggining with all elements can be really time consuming. So if you notice any characteristic element connect it immediatly don't wait when sorting is finished. picture You can sort your jigsaws on area where you build them, but personally I recommend put them on some movable surface like sheet of paper or special puzzle sorting trays.

Sorting use in our example In our example we divided jigsaw's picture for different piles depending on colors and one seperate pile for just edges.

1 - Edges of jigsaw 2 - Red elements - Superman title and cape
3 - Path elements
4 - Green elements - Trees and grass
5 - Blue elements - Superman itself and the title
6 - Pink elements - car
7 - Yellow - whole background

Start from edges

Starting from edges is a basic rule of solving jigsaw puzzle, it's not only the easiest part but also it will allow you to see size of jigsaws and potentially move to other place if your current place cannot fulfill whole puzzle. Building the picture frame also allow you to easier make attachments, very often you can pick some characteristic elements which immediatly will be able be matched to already build part.

Later build surfaces easy to distinguish

Try to look on area characteristic by one color, but still easy to distinguish, in our case is the car, superman or title. These elements of final picture will make you fast progressing, but also will reduce jigsaw elements needed later for background.

Take advantage of already done elements

If you start building backgrounds or monochromatic areas try first find jigsaw piecies containing small part of other surface. In that way you will find border elements of area which are much easier to connect than rest.

Take advantage of the shape

Next good tip fighting with backgrounds is to sort once again your jigsaws according to their shape and categorize them by sockets (this empty holes in jigsaws elements). Try to look for empty part of your final picture and look for characteristic patterns of sockets. Helpful here can be also changing perspective, stand up from the table, go around, possibly you would notice a new connection which you hadn't seen before. If you cannot find elements just by looking just try take every piece matching neighbouring pieces and try to match it, finally you will find one.

Don't forget what is the most important

If you are not olimpic jigsaws solver, don't forget about the most important part... Just having fun! If solving jigswa makes you irritated or frustrated, try to take a break and come back to it with new energy.