4 gift ideas for every jigsaws geek

Published 12.30.2023 by Chris

4 gift ideas for every jigsaws geek

Have you married Jigsaw fan? Or maybe you are giving your children jigsaw only to get time for rest when till they finish solving that. For whatever reason you are looking for jigsaw gift we have something for you.

List of 4 different jigsaw accessories perfect for a gift:

Jigsaw sorting trays

If person who you wanna give a gift solve jigsaw puzzle bigger than 200 elements I am sure he will be super happy of sorting trays. In bigger jigsaw sorting is key for quickly solving jigsaws, but also help avoid not necessary frustration looking for exact piece.

Jigsaw mats

Solving jigsaws requires space. Doing that on floor can be a bit uncomfortable and after hours of sitting on the ground can cause backpain, on the other hand doing that on dinning table makes the place of eating not usable at all till jigsaws are solved. For this problem perfect solutions are mats which allow moving jigsaw wherever you want. Before you buy think what size of mat is going to fit to person who is going to use it.

Size of mat should depend’s on number of pieces.

Our recommendations:

  • 0-1000 elements - 77 x 53 cm (30.3" x 20.5")
  • 1000-2000 elements - 105 x 74 cm (41" x 29")
  • 2000+ elements - here it can be hard to find good mat as bigger jigsaw more depends one their specific dimensions

Jigsaw glues

If your gift receive keeps completed jigsaw hanged instead of destroying it. Good idea is to buy him special glue allowing hang his next work. Good glue will not only connect pieces together, but also will polish the final image.

Jigsaw frames

Allow solved jigsaws shy inside the frame. It’s good alternative for hanging jigsaw picture as they will look as normal picture image moreover You don't need to look so far, every photographic or interior design store should have them.